Testimonials From Previous Performers

Tami Curtis/On the Issaquah Open Mic:

Each individual's experience with the Issaquah Open Mic can vary immensely. Some seasoned players show no visible signs of blood coursing through their veins like a Formula One driver. My own reaction can be registered on a Chroma Scale; yielding a wide array of facial colors and temperatures. Before going in front of the mic my first time, my skin glowed with an anticipatory pink. During that performance my face turned red-hot from stress and anxiety. Afterward I basked in gentle peach-colored relief in having accomplished something which is very difficult for me - playing my fiddle without six other bandmates surrounding me...errrr, drowning me out. The second time I had the opportunity to play bodhran (Irish drum), accompanying a friend on flute. Facial tone at that event? Cool green like a cucumber. No stress, no anxiety, all fun. Even better, afterwards my face alit with rosy hues with a self-congratulatory glass of wine.

Open Mic is a different journey for each player. Mine has just been a colorful journey. I can't wait to see what tones I hit next time!

Tami Curtis,

fiddle flubber and drum dallyer

Gary Benson/On the Issaquah Open Mic:

One September evening almost a year ago, I came to the Issaquah open mic; a friend had told me about it and I thought I would give it a try. I didnít know anyone there but was taken by the friendliness, encouragement and support of those who came. I liked the small-town feel of the venue; a community coming together to share their love of acoustic music and singing.

I play a lot of open mics and Coffeehouses in the Seattle/Bellevue areas, and the Issaquah open mic is unique in itís own way. Itís a long commute from West Seattle, but worth the trip!

Iíve been singing and playing acoustic music since my college days. My musical influences have been James Taylor, Carole King, Crosby/Stills/Nash, the Beatles, Shawn Colvin, Kenny Loggins, Sarah McLachlan among many others. Itís that love of the ďmusic that I grew up withĒ that draws me to share at the Issaquah Open Mic---give it a try!


Gary Benson/Seattle 206-242-3232


Other Testimonials

Great OM. Talented musicians.
Friendly atmosphere.
Carol Whitaker